Our Objectives


Our three fold objectives

  1. The ageing and the aged. Assisting the ageing and the aged to live a fulfilled life of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. It is observed that ageing process and the aged are sometimes thrown into ridicule and confusion that need to be cared for. The need therefore arises to work on suitable packages through pastoral care and counseling and practical actions to ease the tension.
  1. The Youths. There is also a growing need to give spiritual support, enablement and encouragement to our youth – the future of our tomorrow: in this context- re-orientation of our value system is indeed necessary through spiritual and physical perspectives.

‘Awareness Creation’

In this respect, it is more desirable to emphasize issues and matter relating to life of integrity and value than acquisition of physical wealth irrespective of how it is acquired.

  1. Poverty. The third area of our passion is the poverty created by corruption. Apart from physical poverty, which is obvious, the hidden poverty perspective of this nation is spiritual barrenness. This outreach intends to work on these areas to bring salvation to discouraged souls, e.g. the poor, widow, oppressed, people in bondage etc.

Modus Operandi: Start small and think big


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