Welcome to Serene OutReach of Value Adding Ministry
A charity organization for Aged and young people
in Nigeria in order to improve and better their lives.

Serene Outreach is also known as Serene Value Adding Ministry of Grace is a charity organization that promotes an outreach for helping the aged and young people in order to improve and better their lives. We also cater for children who are motherless, abandoned, deprived, homeless and victims of Child labour.

We are dedicated to providing pastoral counseling for the youths, elderly people having health, emotional, psychological and physical challenges, including young women facing crisis in their matrimonial homes.

Serene Outreach Ministry organizes regular lectures, seminars, symposia, workshop and special projects in order to encourage the youths to forsake crimes, drugs abuse and other related vices. Our campaign is based on bringing our communities out of poverty by encouraging self-help development programmes and entrepreneurial skill acquisition as a means of self employment opportunities

At Serene Outreach Senior Home Care we specialize in what we need to improve the health of our clients and provide you with the best Home Health Care service ever.

Our Senior Home Care

We understand that it is difficult to allow someone to come into your home or a family member’s home.  How do you help someone keep their independence yet care for them in a way that enables them to be safe?  Learn More

Self Development

Central to our mission is restoring hope by caring for the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of our clients, we accomplish this through regular workshops on self development programmes and entrepreneur classes for our youths. Engaging them on skill acquisition to create various opportunities.  Learn More

Youth Counseling

We have a special time for pastoral counseling for our youths.

Making sure they have trained and experienced counselors to talk to for assistance.

Learn More

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